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Coke 1886 Cocacola Cocacola1890 Cocacola1891-1941 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola (Bold)
1886–1887 1887–1941 1890–1891 1891–1941 1941–present 1987–2003, 2006–2009


Coke 1886

Coca-Cola was originally invented by John S. Pemberton on May 8, 1886 as a medicine, thanks to its trace amounts of cocaine (which explains the "Coca" part of the name).



In 1887, the now-familiar 'Spencerian' script was first used. In those days, the script varied depending on its application, and the word 'Trademark' also commonly appeared at the bottom of the first letter 'C'.



A new logo was released for Coca-Cola in 1890, which featured more swirls. The logo deemed unpopular and they quickly changed back in a year later.



By 1891, the script began to be standardised.



In 1941, the wordmark was edited and became more italicized. This evolved into what would become the company's longest-used design to date as well as one of the most famous logos in history.

1987–2003, 2006–2009

Coca-Cola (Bold)

In 1987, the wordmark was modified with a bolder, slightly straightened-up version of the script. This was used until a revamp in 2003, but briefly returned in 2006 during The Coke Side of Life campaign alongside the main logo and removed again in 2009 with the new Open Happiness campaign.

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