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2005–2007 2007–2009 2009–2017 2016–2021 2021–present

Coca-Cola Zero


Coca-Cola Zero 2005.svg

Coca-Cola Zero launched in 2005 and is a zero calorie (United States of America)/zero sugar (international) variant of regular Coca-Cola. Unlike Diet Coke, it was aimed primarily towards men and was designed to taste more like the original formula.


Coca-Cola Zero America.svg


Coca-Cola Zero.svg

In 2009, Coca-Cola updated the logos and branding of its products. Now each country had the same style of logo which can be seen above.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar


Coke Zero Sugar 2016.svg

The new "One Brand" design was unveiled on April 18, 2016, now the word "Zero" was renamed into "Zero Sugar" and moved from the bottom to the top of the script. As of 2017, this design is currently used on cans and bottles worldwide.

In 2017, Coca-Cola in the UK changed the recipe of Coca-Cola Zero, renaming it Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and giving it a new packaging design.


Coke Zero 2021.svg

Coke Zero is getting a refresh in new packaging among with a new recipe that is being rolled out worldwide (including the markets where the Coca-Cola No Sugar brand is used). the Zero Sugar wordmark is in TCCC Unity, and the logo is red and black instead of the traditional black and red.