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Cocoa Puffs 1958 Box.jpg

The very first logo for Cocoa Puffs was a generic one.

The original version had the General Mills logo of the time, and was later replaced by a black triangle with a big G logo in script with the General Mills text also in script).

Below both General Mills logos was the word Cocoa on the left, and below that was the word Puffs on the right with the text "Chocolate Flavor Corn Cereal" on the left below the word Cocoa.



This is the second Cocoa Puffs logo, used from 1962 until 1974.

The boxes during the era originally had a big brown triangle with the same big G logo and General Mills texts in script. The big G logo later changed to its current font, and the General Mills text changed to a different font. Below the big G triangle logo was the Cocoa Puffs text in red with "Goodness in Chocolate Flavor Corn Puffs" (and later "Chocolate Flavor Corn Puffs" below the Cocoa Puffs text.



This is the third Cocoa Puffs logo, used from 1974 until 1991.



This is the fourth Cocoa Puffs logo, used from 1991 until 1997.


Brand logo.png

This is the fifth Cocoa Puffs logo, used from 1997 until 2003.



This is the sixth and current Cocoa Puffs logo, used from 2003 to the present day.

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