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The Color TV-Game was a series of five home video game consoles released by Nintendo in late 70's and early 80's. The Color TV-Game 6 and Color TV-Game 15 were video game "Pong" consoles, while the Color TV-Game Racing 112 was a racing game console and Color TV-Game Block Breaker and Computer TV-Game only played one single game. The Color TV-Game 6 would be the first console to be released by Nintendo, predating the Nintendo Entertainment System by eight years. All the consoles were discontinued by 1980, with the release of the Computer TV-Game in that same year (wich was produced in limited quantities), one year before the release of Donkey Kong, Nintendo's first big hit in North America.

1977–1980 (Color TV-Game 6)[]


1977–1980 (Color TV-Game 15)[]


1978–1980 (Color TV-Game Racing 112)[]

Color TV-Game Racing 112

1979–1980 (Color TV-Game Block Kuzushi/Block Breaker)[]

Color TV-Game Block Breaker

1980 (Computer TV Game)[]

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