For the new channel, relaunched in June 2020, see Rishtey Cineplex.


2016 (prelaunch) 2016–2019 2019–present
2016 (prelaunch) 2016–2019 2019–present

Colors Cineplex is Viacom18’s Hindi movie channel. Launched as Rishtey Cineplex in May 2016, it was renamed to Colors Cineplex in 2019 (but Rishtey Cineplex was relaunched on 5 June 2020). Besides India it is available in Europe and North America, like Colors Rishtey.

Colors Cineplex airs predominantly South Indian dubbed movies, far more than its competitors such as Sony Max, Zee Cinema and Star Gold, with a few Hindi movies. Another channel called Colors Cineplex Bollywood was launched on 1 April 2021.

Rishtey Cineplex

2016 (prelaunch)

Rishtey Cineplex prelaunch.png

The channel started testing in February 2016 with a pink logo.


Rishtey Cineplex.png

Rishtey Cineplex was launched on 8 May 2016 in India. It followed in September in the UK and Europe, and in October in the United States and Canada. As with Colors and Colors Rishtey, which also rebranded in 2016, the graphics were designed by Made With Love Studio.

Cineplex HD


Cineplex HD.jpg

An HD version, called Cineplex HD without the Rishtey name, was launched on 19 February 2017. This is because the Rishtey brand was targeted at rural audiences that used the free-of-cost DD Free Dish platform; as HD channels are perceived to be premium in India (and not free-to-air), the Rishtey name was not used for the HD version.

Colors Cineplex


Colors Cineplex.png

On 1 March 2019, Rishtey Cineplex was renamed to Colors Cineplex after being removed from the state-owned DD Free Dish platform along with Colors Rishtey and several other channels. However, since most of these channels were readded on DD Free Dish in June 2020, Rishtey Cineplex was revived on 5 June 2020 as a separate channel.