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Not to be confused with Columbia Graphophone Company.
For the former international subsidiary, see CBS Records International.
For a Japanese record label, see Nippon Columbia.

Columbia Records is the main flagship record label of Sony Music Entertainment (SME).


1908–1923 1923–1938 1938–1954 1954–1961 1961–present
1908–1923 1923–1938 1938–1954 1954–1961 1961–present
1961–1990 1970–present 1990–present 1999–present
1961–1990 1970–present 1990–present 1999–present



The first variation of the company's original "Magic Notes" logo, with its original slogan "Note the Notes". This logo would later be reused for the unrelated Columbia Graphophone Company (albeit without the word "Records" on the note).


Nippon Columbia logo.svg

This logo is still used by Nippon Columbia in Japan.


Generated (3).svg

The CBS Radio logo was incorporated into the "Magic Notes" logo in 1938.


Generated (4).svg

The original version of Columbia's now-iconic "Walking Eye" logo was designed by S. Neil Fujita, and was introduced in 1954. The logo was originally supposed to represent a stylus above the grooves of a record, but was nicknamed the "Walking Eye" by many unaware of its original meaning.


Columbia Records logo symbol.svg

The 1954 logo was modified to have the symbol look more like a record (hence the rings inside it), but was also nicknamed the "Walking Eye" like the last one; it is noted for its slight similarity to the logo of the label's then-owner CBS.


Columbia Records 1962.svg


Columbia Records 1970 (Horizontal).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Bodoni Classic Bold

The 1961 "Walking Eye" logo was used alongside a wordmark similar to that of CBS's 1956 logo. It was used as the company's supplemental logo on labels of its records from 1970 until 1990. It is now used as an alternate version of the 1999 logo.


Columbia Records (Wordmark).svg

After EMI acquired the rights of the company's previously used trademarks (excluding the "Walking Eye" logo), the company decided to use the wordmark from its 1970 logo as the main logo from 1990 to 1999. This logo is now used as an alternate logo on the spines of CD tray inserts.


Columbia Records 1999.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Bodoni Classic Bold

An updated logo featuring the 1970/1990 wordmark with the 1961 "Walking Eye" logo was introduced in June 1999.

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