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1963–1969 1969–2000 2000–2007 2007–2013 2013–2024 2024–present

American Cable Systems


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Comcast was originally founded as American Cable Systems on June 28, 1963.



Comcast 1969

In 1969, American Cable Systems was renamed Comcast, a portmanteau of the words "Communication" and "Broadcast".


Comcast logo 2000

A new logo for Comcast was unveiled on December 12, 1999, and was later rolled out in 2000.

It was still used for Comcast/Charter Sports Southeast until 2014 and Comcast Entertainment Television until 2018, and remains in use for Comcast Hometown Network.


Comcast logo

A minor change was made to the 2000 logo's typeface in 2007. This logo was still used on Comcast Network and Comcast SportsNet until they both closed down in 2017.


Comcast logo 2012

Having purchased a 51% stake in NBCUniversal in 2011 and looking to revitalize their crippled brand, Comcast decided to shed the red crescent motif and adopted the 1986 NBC peacock logo. It was unveiled on December 10, 2012, and officially on January 28, 2013. Comcast announced that they would buy the remaining 49% of NBCUniversal from General Electric, and thus take full ownership of the company.

The custom Comcast typography includes both rounded and squared-off feet. The round ends represent Comcast's entertainment industry assets (NBCUniversal), while the squared-off ends represent the technology Comcast's cable TV and internet assets (Xfinity).


Comcast logo 2024
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Comcast New Vision (custom)
Launched:  January 11, 2024

In January 2024, the revised peacock design introduced by NBC in 2022 was adopted with a gradient color scheme, and the wordmark was changed.

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