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1989–1991 1990–1991 April–June 1991 June–October 1991 1991–1992
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1992–1997 1997–2000 2000–2010 2011–2018 2018–present

The Comedy Channel

1989 (Prototype)

The Comedy Channel (Prototype).png
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The Comedy Channel Logo.svg
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Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Cooper Black
Launched:  November 15, 1989

The network was owned by Time Warner (through HBO) that ran for seventeen months from November 15, 1989 to April 1, 1991, & merged with Viacom's Ha!: The TV Comedy Network, which formed to CTV: The Comedy Network in 1991.

Ha!: The TV Comedy Network


HA! TV Comedy Network 1990.svg
Designer:  Fred/Alan
Lou Brooks
Typography:  Maus
Helvetica Light
Launched:  April 1, 1990

This was the second original debut of the comedy television network, owned by Viacom, that ran for one year from April 1, 1990 to April 1, 1991 & merged with HBO's The Comedy Channel, which formed to CTV: The Comedy Network in 1991.

Like the logos of sister networks Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite at the time, which were also designed by Fred/Alan, Ha!'s logo utilized various different backgrounds, centered around the same design; most of the logos featured various live-action people or animated characters "laughing" within the logo. Despite only lasting for a year, many different IDs were produced (see them here).

CTV: The Comedy Network

April–June 1991

CTV The Comedy Network logo 1991.svg

When The Comedy Channel (owned by Time Warner) and Ha! (owned by Viacom) were both replaced, CTV: The Comedy Network debuted on April 1, 1991. "CTV" stood for "Channel Television". This was one of the many logo variants CTV used (see Other).

Comedy Central

June–October 1991


CTV: The Comedy Network was renamed as Comedy Central on June 1, 1991 in order to prevent confusion with Canada's CTV network.


Comedy Central 1991.svg

In October 1991, Comedy Central introduced a new logo.


Comedy Central 1992.svg
Designer:  PMcD Design
Typography:  Custom wordmark
Launched:  May 1, 1992

On May 1, 1992, Comedy Central began putting print logos on their products. The new Comedy Central logo, still rendered in 2D, was shown in different color patterns. This logo became the network's new on-air look in 1995, which was produced by PMcD Design.


Comedy Central 1997.svg
Designer:  H-Gun Labs
Typography:  Custom wordmark
Launched:  August 13, 1997

On August 13, 1997, the logo was slightly redesigned to give it a more smoother look with the small hyphen removed from the marquee. This logo was designed by H-Gun Labs and was used on South Park premiere commercials before taking effect.


Comedy Central 2000.svg
Designer:  Imaginary Forces
Typography:  Custom wordmark
Launched:  November 13, 2000

Comedy Central started using a new logo on November 13, 2000. This was the first major redesign for the network, and it removed the transmitter from the channel logo. The transmitter was said to "communicate the 1950s broadcast era" by network management. A new graphics package for the network was developed by Imaginary Forces.



Comedy Central 2011.svg
Designer:  The Lab
Typography:  Brandon Grotesque
Also known as:  Comedymark
|style="width:33.3%; text-align: right; vertical-align: top;" |
Launched:  January 1, 2011

On December 9, 2010, a completely new logo for Comedy Central was revealed in New York. The new logo officially made its debut on January 1, 2011. The new logo centers on two Cs, one which is inside the other which is reversed; that portion of the logo, nicknamed the "Comedymark", closely resembles a copyright symbol (©). The network name is displayed in mixed positions, with the word "Comedy" right side-up and the word "Central" flipped upside-down. New York design company The Lab was the design agency which worked with Comedy Central for the new look. A new style for graphics and promos had slowly been introduced starting a few months earlier and features straight typography on clean backgrounds.

This logo came in fourth in the 2010 Brand New Awards.


Comedy Central 2018.svg
Designer:  Loyalkaspar
Typography:  Comedy Sans (custom-designed)
Launched:  July 29, 2018

The network received a rebrand on July 29, 2018. It was first seen on That Nervour Jittery Filtering from 2017. The comedy mark is slightly bolder than the previous logo, the "Comedy Central" text has a new font, and the upside down "Central" was phased out. The logo and the on-air graphics package were both designed by Loyalkaspar.

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