For the UK version of Comedy Central, see Comedy Central (UK). Template:ImageTOC-5 Comedy Central is a cable television network created in 1991, with the merger of two cable channels devoted to comedy-based programming, Time Warner's The Comedy Channel, which launched in 1989 and Ha!, which Viacom launched in 1990.


Comedy central 1991

Comedy Central started life on April 1, 1991.


Comedy Central (1994)


Comedy Central logo 1996

In 1994, the logo was later rendered in 2D and also shown in different colors. Eventually, the logo was slightly redesigned during the period, to give it a more smoother look; most notably, the small hyphen (-) from the "COMEDY CENTRAL" marquee was removed.


Comedy Central logo 2000

Comedy Central started using a new logo on October 30, 2000.[1] This was the first major redesign for the network and removed the transmitter from the channel logo. The transmitter was said to "communicate the 1950s broadcast era" by network management.[2] A new graphics package was developed by Imaginary Forces.

Fifteen further IDs were created in 2002 by EyeballNYC. These IDs built on the previous look.[3][4]

Comedy Central ID 2004

Comedy Central visual identity was overhauled in 2004, leaving the bright and slick animations behind

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