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Comedy Central Extra is a sister channel to Comedy Central UK. It often replays programmes from Comedy Central.


2003–2004 2004–2009 2009–2012 2012–2019 2019–present
2003–2004 2004–2009 2009–2012 2012–2019 2019–present

Paramount Comedy 2


Paramount Comedy 2 logo 2004.png

Paramount Comedy 2 launched on the 1st September 2003, serving as a sister channel to Paramount Comedy. It acted as a timeshift channel often relaying programmes after they aired on its sister channel.


Paramount Comedy 2 Logo.svg

After Paramout Comedy was renamed to Paramount Comedy 1, the logo was updated and Paramount Comedy 2's logo was also updated to match Paramount Comedy 1's logo.

Comedy Central Extra


Comedy Central Extra.svg

When Paramount Comedy 1 became Comedy Central UK on Monday 6th April 2009, Paramount Comedy 2 became Comedy Central Extra


Comedy Central Extra 2010.svg


Comedy Central Extra 2018 (Stacked).svg

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