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1934–1937 1937–1960 1960–1967 1967–1991 1991–2012

Varney Speed Lines


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Continental Airlines


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In 1967, Continental introduced a new logo created by Saul Bass.


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On 12th February 1991, Continental unveiled a new logo and livery. The logo shows a part of a globe with highlighted longitudes and latitudes. The new look was the result of 14 months of research and design by Lippincott & Marguiles in New York.

“We want to send a strong signal to the world that we are new and improved, that we are strong and that we are putting the negative events of the past behind us”
Continental chairman Hollis Harris in an article

In April 2010, Continental announced that plans to merge with United Airlines. The combined entity adopted the United name and Continental's visual identity. The merger occurred on the 30th November 2011 and Continental ceased operations on 3rd March 2012.

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