Coop Sweden 2002

In Janaury 2002, the cooperations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark merged their retail operations into a single company called Coop Norden. This also involved introducing the Coop name as the main brand for the cooperatives in all countries.

In Sweden, the Coop brand had already been introduced a few months earlier, when KF merged their superstore chains to form Coop Forum.

The Coop logo consisted of a Coop wordmark in gray with six little boxes in different colours underneath. The boxes symbolised various branches of Coop Sweden:

  • Coop Konsum (green)
  • Coop Forum (blue)
  • Coop Bank (lila)
  • Coop Komiform (orange)

The stores used a variant of the main logo, with the branch name underneath and the boxes in one colour, getting gradually brighter from right to left.


Coop Sweden 2003

Later on, a realignment was made so Coop would use the same wordmark in all three countries.

200?- 2014

Coop Sweden

Eventually the little boxes were abandoned in main logo, and the wordmark was turned blue. The boxes do however still remain in the logos for Coop Konsum and Coop Forum.

Coop Norden was abolished 2007/2008 and most activities were transferred back to the national cooperatives.



In 2014 they changed their logo colour to green.

Although keeping their logo from 2014, they revealed a new visual identity in 2016-17 with the focus being on a more eco friendly, “green” , approach. For example putting more emphasis on organic foods and products.

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