CzechTourism is the official tourism promotion agency for Czech Republic.


Czech Republic logo


Czech Republike logo

On June 28, 2012, the official tourism promotion agency for the Czech Republic, Czech Touirsm unveiled a new visual identity that was scheduled to be launched in early 2013. This includes a new logo which was created by a design studio called Marvil, and the new "social media savvy" identity is centred around the word "like", which has been integrated in the the country's name - "Czech Republike".

With this new logo, the sans-serif wordmark stands in stark contrast to the swirly typefaces and friendly symbols that are found in most other tourism logos. Marvil's creative director Pavel Zelenka deemed such features outdated, suggesting that they didn't need a symbol as the logo targets the literate. When possible, the English word "like" is also used when the logo is adapted for other languages.

But the old flag logo will remain in use for a while, as Marvil's work will reportedly not be implemented until next year.

Then, a year later, the new logo made its official debut in January 2013 to reflect a new tourism rebrand in this country.

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