DD Sahyadri is the Marathi-language TV channel of Doordarshan, the Indian national public TV broadcaster. It is named after the Sahyadri Mountains (better known as the Western Ghats). The channel was launched in 1994 as DD10, and renamed to DD Sahyadri in April 2000 (see footnote).[1]


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The logo was changed on 15 August 2020, the Indian Independence Day.


  • In 1994, Doordarshan launched a number of channels in Indian regional languages. They were originally numbered from 1 through 18[2]; they were renamed in 2000. (Most were renamed to the corresponding language; in the case of DD Podhigai, DD Saptagiri, DD Sahyadri and DD Girnar, they were named after hill ranges in the state where the language is spoken, while DD Chandana was named after sandalwood, a major produce of the state of Karnataka.)