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In-Credit logos


DIC Audiovisuel


These variants have a random character come up and dot the "I" in the logo.


DIC Entertainment

1987–2001, 2003–2005

This logo is the most well-known out of all of the company's logos. The CGI effects were made at PDI, and the other material was designed by Homer & Associates. First, the logo started off with a kid sleeping in his bed with his dog on it. Then the camera zoomed in to a window and a star appeared. Finally, the text turned in a 90 degree angle and the kid said the company's name. Also, the star stopped spinning and recedes into a spherical dot for the I. The font of this logo is a heavily-modified version of Gill Sans Ultra Bold.

In the 1990, the starfield was changed, along with the dot which the glow effect was removed. A different kid said the company name as well.

"The Incredible World of DiC" variant. It has been rumored to have appeared on an Inspector Gadget General Mills 2004 DVD. However, this has been proven to be false as it was never seen from the DVD.



This period brought The Incredible World of DIC branding to the big and small screen. It was first used a standard logo in 1995.


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