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[[Category:Defunct Disney assets]]
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This page only shows primary logo variants.
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DIC Enterprises 1979 DIC Entertainment 1987
1979–1987 1987–2008


DIC Enterprises 1979


This variant doesn’t have a shadow behind the logo, it is in italics and has dots next to the letters, referring to DIC's full name - Diffusion, Information, Communication.



DIC Entertainment 1987

1994 (prototype)

This corporate branding was introduced in 1994, and later appeared as a print logo in 1995.

Screenshot 2016-05-07-12-54-52 1


The print variant was used since 1995, but a proper version was introduced after DIC was sold off by Disney in 2001.

DiC 2000

DIC Entertainment was acquired in 2008 by Cookie Jar Entertainment, under which it continues to exist on paper.

DIC Entertainment
Cookie Jar Group
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