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1964–1996 1996–2005 2005–2009 2009–2013 2013–present
1964–1996 1996–2005 2005–2009 2009–2013 2013–present

Danmarks Radio, or DR, is the state-owned public broadcaster of Denmark. It operates three TV channels and several radio stations.

Commercial broadcaster TV 2 is also owned by the government, but it is commercially funded, much like Channel 4 in the UK.


DR logo old.svg

DR got its first logo in 1964, when a television service was introduced for the first time.. It is credited to Connie Linck, a graphic artist at DR, who allegedly got the inspiration from types used on Latin American stamps.


DR logo 1996.svg

When DR started its second television channel, DR2, in 1996, they took the opportunity to launch a new corporate logo.

This new corporate logo was introduced on 30 August 1996.


DR logo 2005.svg

DR launched a new logo on 1 June 1, 2005. The letters were redesigned and the red colour became more "pure". Masoud Alavi was responsible for created the new logo.



DR logo box.svg

In 2007, DR unveiled a new corporate logo at a press conference. However, before that, this logo was first appeared in the new logos of DR's radio channels in December 2006. Then, after a few years, DR has announced that it is going to launch a new corporate logo from 1 September 2009.

The new corporate logo occurred officially on 1 September 2009 to use an alternate version of the 2005 logo, were the wordmark was turned white and put in a black 3 by 10 rectangle. This versions was first incorporated into the logos of DR's radio channels in December 2006 and then later to DR's television channels in September 2009.


DR logo 2013.svg
Designer:  DR Design, Kontrapunkt
Typography:  Unknown

In 2013, the font was changed and the serifs were removed. The logo was created by the internal DR Design department, in partnership with Kontrapunkt. All the channel logos were streamlined as well. The new logo was launched on 1 February 2013.

The television channels and radio stations got new logos with the black DR logo next to the name of the channel or service in a coloured square or rectangle. In 2017, new logos were introduced, with the logo appearing as a coloured square with the black DR logo at the bottom.

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