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DR TV logo 1964-1994 DR logo old DR TV 1 logo 1994 DR1 logo 1996 DR1 logo 2002
1964–1987 1987–1994 1994–1996 1996–2002 2002–2005
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2005–2009 2009–2013 2013–2017 2017–2020 2020–present

DR1 is a Danish television channel, belonging to the public broadcaster DR. Until the 1980s it was the only television channel in Denmark and was known as DR TV, and from 1987 to 1994, it was known as 1'eren to symbolize its logo. However, in 1994, it was renamed to DR TV1 and then later, in 1996, it was known as DR1 as its current name.

Statsradiofonien TV


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DR TV logo 1964-1994

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After the introduction of DR's first corporate logo in 1964, the Danish national TV channel changed its name from Danmarks Radio TV to DR TV and were able to adopt DR's first corporate logo. From 1987 to 1994, the channel was known as 1'eren, despite its channel name.


DR logo old


DR TV 1 logo 1994

In 1994, DR TV changed its name to DR TV1 and introduced a new logo with a large "1" within a TV screen. The official name was still DR TV, but this was the last logo to wear DR's 1964 logo scheme and also to carry the DR TV brand, because this logo is typically short-lived for 2 years.



DR1 logo 1996

To coincide with the introduction of DR's new corporate logo on August 30, 1996, DR TV1 changed its name to DR1 and introduced a new logo that has DR's new corporate logo on the top with the symbol appear at the bottom of it, but its still retained from the channel's previous logo.

At the same time, DR started its second television channel DR2, so this means that an identity relaunch was about to occure for all of DR, and the new corporate logo was updated. The first channel which was officially changed its name from DR TV1 to DR1 was relaunched with a new look and new programmes.


DR1 logo 2002

DR1 introduced a completely new look in 2002.

An update to this look, featuring brighter colours, was introduced on December 1, 2003.[1]


DR1 logo 2005


DR1 logo 2009

In preparation for the digital switchover, DR1 and DR2 got new looks on September 1, 2009. The DR wordmark is now consistently white in a black box on all channel logos.

The idents for DR1 feature a big mirror-ball that floats around Denmark.[2]


DR1 logo 2013


DR1 2017


DR1 2020

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