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DR2 logo 1996


DR2 logo 2002

DR2 was redesigned on November 1, 2002.


DR2 logo 2005

On June 1, 2005, DR adopted a new corporate logo, and all its services had their logos updated accordingly.

Initially, the DR1 and DR2 logos were shown in black-and-white when not on screen. A few months later it was decided that in print and on the web, the channel logos would have permanent colours. The DR1 logo would be pink and the DR2 logo would be turqoise.[1]

In 2006, DR moved to a new building and switched to widescreen transmission. Hence, DR1 and DR2 got new looks again. The idents for DR2 featured fishes.


DR2 logo 2009

In preparation for the digital switchover, DR1 and DR2 got new looks on September 1, 2009. The DR wordmark is now consistently white in a black box on all channel logos.[2]

The idents for DR2 feature various Rube Goldberg-like settings with eerie music by Peder og Asger Baden.[3][4] The idents were produced by DR Design.


DR2 logo 2013


DR2 2017


DR2 2020

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