1995–2001 2001–2010 2010–2012 2012–present
1995–2001 2001–2010 2010–2012 2012–present


DStv 1995.svg

On October 6, 1995, MultiChoice, a subsidiary company of Naspers, launched the Digital Satellite Television platform, popularly known as DStv.

On launch, this logo features the DStv signature byline with the trademark symbol and a crest-shaped rainbow above it/them. The slogan, "so much more", is shown underneath the byline.


DStv 2001.svg

The second logo had the DStv byline shown in black-and-white gradient with a blue left-facing curve covering around the left side of the logo in an anticlockwise direction.


DStv 2010.png

The third logo had the DStv byline and the slogan colored blue and the rainbow dropped alongside the trademark symbol.

Unlike the 1995 logo, this attaches the DStv alphabets so close that it joins in a designer line form. The blue curve is modified to a top-left facing.


DStv 2012.svg

On 2012, the arc was removed, leaving only the wordmark. It was accompanied by a new slogan Feel Every Moment until 6 December, 2020 when it was changed to It's your moment!

The change was intended to not only reflect the new feeling and excitement but also to keep in line globally-recognized channels and have more access to mass entertainment. With this logo, variations came out thick and fast for the first time in the brand's history.

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