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Channel5 1960s.svg

Originally signed on the air on March 1, 1960 as DZTM-TV.


ABC 5 Logo.jpg
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This logo is similar to Las Estrellas' 1960s–1970s logo and KTLA's (Los Angeles) 1964 logo.

ABC operated radio and television services from 1960 until September 23, 1972, when President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law. Both ABC and the Manila Times were forcibly shut down as a result of rivals ABS-CBN, RBS, and MBC's radio and television broadcasts also shut down by martial law that day.



ABC 5 Logo 1992.svg

Months after the People Power Revolution, along with channel, that did not yet resume until commencing test broadcasts in 1991 and relaunching the following year with different calls, DWET-TV; and a different corporate name, Associated Broadcasting Company, instead of keeping the original Corporation and its original calls, DZTM-TV during the pre-martial law years; as a result of the new management under Edward Tan that took over upon the revival of Channel 5.



ABC 5 Logo 1995.svg

In January 1995, the numerical 5 logo was dropped on the logo, but retaining the ABC text and the cyclone icon. while the network was launched as the new slogan "ABC in the Big League".


ABC 5 Logo 1996.svg

On March 31, 1996, ABC launched its new slogan "Reaching Out To You". The boxed rounded edges square frame was added on the logo.


ABC 5 Logo (2000).svg

On January 1, 2000, ABC launched its new logo at the turn of the millennium with the cyclone icon being placed on top of the letter "A".



In 2001, it returned its old slogan "Come Home to ABC". The logo added the "Come Home to" text on the logo and the boxed rounded edges square frame was dropped on the cyclone icon. The same logo used in April 2004 with its new slogan "Iba Tayo!" and the "Come Home to" text was dropped on the logo.


ABC 5 Logo 2004.svg

The last logo as ABC in September 2004 has been enclosed with a yellow circle.


TV5 Philippines 2008.svg

On August 9, 2008, ABC was rebranded as TV5. The logo changed after its rebranding having the new name of the network inside a shaking television. However, the corporate name of the network remained as Associated Broadcasting Company or ABC Development Corporation until 2015.



ABC TV5 logo.svg -280x300.png

On April 4, 2010, TV5 rebranded as the Kapatid Network. The network launched its new logo: a red circle with a glow in the top left corner, and the word TV in the top right above the large-sized numeral 5.


TV5 logo 2013.svg

The logo adopted a 3D version in 2013 and applied it on-air, although the 2010 2D version often times appears. On January 23, 2015, the network changed its corporate name again to TV5 Network, Inc.


TV5 (Get It on 5) Logo.svg

TV5 was rebranded to The 5 Network on February 17, 2018, making its logo flat and dropping the word TV.


TV5 Logo (2019).svg

On January 13, 2019, coinciding with the rebrand of Aksyon TV to 5 Plus, the logo was slightly tweaked, now inverted with a red outline.