1940–1960 1960–2007 2001–2007 2007–present
1940–1960 1960–2007 2001–2007 2007–present


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On June 22, 1940, Dairy Queen opened its first location in Joliet, Illinois. This logo was used for drive-in restaurants, which had a signature blue blade that carried this logo. Several signs with this logo had a soft-serve cone at one end. It's most notable signage around the time was an Eskimo girl holding a cone over the company name that was placed on top of buildings.


Dairy Queen 1961.svg
Designer:  Lippincott & Marguiles
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

In 1960, a new wordmark with a red ellipse design in the background was introduced. A different font was added onto the wordmark and the color of it was changed to white. Originally, the initial shape was asymmetrical, with one of the side points having a greater extension than the other, especially when matched with the Brazier sign—a similarly sized yellow ellipse, tucked diagonally below its companion on exterior signage. By the 1970s, both sides were more closely matched and became symmetrical. In 1980, an alternate version of this logo was introduced. This logo was used mainly as a sign until the redesign in 2007. The text's font itself, however, it can still be seen on some spoons and signs at some locations still having this logo. A number of locations had several exterior signs also had a soft-serve cone tucked next to its logo. The Eskimo Girl was also carried on to this logo in its early years.


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In 2001, the wordmark was shortened to just "DQ", as the company's initials. This was only used as a primary logo for packaging, cups, and some signs. This logo can still be used at some locations. The slogan used during this period was "Something Different".


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In 2007, the logo was modified with the 'DQ' wordmark italicized with a serif font, as well as adding arced lines, an orange one to represent its hot foods above and a blue one below to represent its ice cream products added onto it and the red shape evened out. An earlier version of this logo with the old font used in 2001 introduced a new brand of restaurants known as "Grill & Chill". However, some restaurants that used the previous branded designs (from the previous logos) remained unmodeled and only updated to this logo, becoming known as simply "Restaurant". Some locations also simply plastered the newer wordmark onto the old logo, with the red shape remaining untouched. Their first slogan with this logo was "This is fan food, not fast food." used between the mid-2010s and 2019, and their current slogan is "Happy Tastes Good!" since 2019.