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UK Gold Classics


UK Gold Classics.svg

UK Gold Classics launched in October 1998. Prior to 2003, the channel was essentially an offshoot from UK Gold and either showed timeshifted programmes from that channel or programmes of similar themes. The visual identity and graphics were also shared with UK Gold.

UK Gold 2


UK Gold 2 1999.svg

On April 2, 1999, UK Gold Classics was replaced by UK Gold 2.


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UK G2.svg

On November 12, 2003, UK Gold 2 was replaced by UK G². The visual identity was created by BBC Broadcast.

"UK G2 brings together a carefully chosen mix of comedy and drama that have a uniquely British sardonic view of the world and will feature repeats of hit comedies and dramas including Have I Got News For You, Room 101 and Spooks.
The channel identity reflects this, as it is based on the idea of "bending the rules." The identity for the new channel reflects the irreverent humour of its shows. Individual films observe people who should know better, mischievously flouting social convention and unexpectedly bending the rules." - BBC Broadcast press release
Ukg2 3dlogo 2003.jpg

The 3d version of the logo used on promos and Idents.



UKTV G2.svg

On March 8, 2004, all UKTV channels adopted the UKTV name and UK G² became UKTV G2.



Dave logo.svg
Designer:  Red Bee Media
Typography:  Clarendon
Launched:  October 15, 2007

On October 15, 2007, UKTV G2 was renamed Dave, as part of a major rebranding of UKTV's channels, where every channel would get a distinct name. The tagline for the new channel was "the home of witty banter". The visual identity for the relaunched channel was created by Red Bee Media. The channel replaced UKTV Bright Ideas on Freeview.