The first DeepMind logo showing a blue circle looping in the middle. The logo also has a 3D look, with the top and bottom part reflecting some light, the loop inside being darker than the rest.
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The British company was founded in 2010, with their website from 2011 showing this logo at the top. It's using the Gill Sans font.


The logo itself remains unchanged and is the same looping circle as the previous logo, only the font has been replaced with a geometric one.
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After Google acquired DeepMind in 2014, the company name in the logo has been moved from below the icon to the right and the font has been replaced with a geometric font, Proxima Nova.


DeepMind's first redesigned icon still uses the same overall design, but now flat with a simpler, washed-out blue color palette.
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In late August 2014 a new loop appeared on the website with a modern, flat design and a new color palette consisting of washed-out blue tones, replacing the more 3D logo that had been in use ever since the foundation of the company.


The DeepMind logo got another new look, much simpler than before and more reminiscent of a whirl. Right next to that we see Google along with the name DeepMind.

Used until November that year, this is the first time we see the company name along with the Google logo next to it.


DeepMind's logo with the new whirl logo and now using Product Sans following Google's redesign a few months earlier.

Following Google's redesign a few months earlier, this logo is replacing the classic font combination with Google's custom Product Sans to bring it in line with the rest of its products.


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In late 2016 the "Google" prefix was removed again, and the logo now only shows "DeepMind" again.



In the second half of 2019, the entire logo was changed to blue.