Delmonte Del Monte 60s Del Monte logo 60s Del Monte 1987 Del Monte logo Del Monte logo new Del Monte 2013
1892–1909 1909–1960 1960–1984 1984–1991 1991–2003 2003–present 2013–present


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Del Monte 60s

This particular version of the shield appears to have been introduced around 1909. Its however practically indistinguishable from its earlier incarnation, with the exception of a few curles.


Del Monte logo 60s

In the 1960, the Del Monte brand was updated by Landor Associates.


Del Monte 1987

This logo was introduced around 1984. The primary change was the name, which was written with a slightly thicker and simplified font.

1991–2003 (United States), 1991–present (International)

Del Monte logo

The word "Quality" changed to different font around 1989. This logo is still in use in many other countries.

2003–present (United States)

Del Monte logo new

This version was introduced in the United States by the Del Monte Corporation in 2003.

2013–present (United States)

Del Monte 2013

This logo is rarely used. Most of the time, the logo above is used.


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