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When Despegar.com started offering hotel bookings, a reception bell icon was added to the logo.



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On March 28, 2019, Despegar launched a new brand identity (designed by Saffron and by Brazilian advertising agency REF+), dropped the ".com" from its brand name and introduced a new slogan, "Vivir viajando" ("Viver viajando", in Portuguese, "Live to travel" in English), unifying their slogan across the continent for the first time in years (their previous slogan in Spanish-speaking countries was "Viajar es posible" - "Making travel possible", in its official English translation - and their slogan in Brazil at the time was "#VocêPode" - "#YouCan" - and later "Tudo para sua viagem" - "Everything for your trip", since, in that country, "Viajar é possível" was claimed by competitor Hotel Urbano - now Hurb).

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