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On January 1995, Department of Transportation and Communications, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) granted a certificate of public convenience and necessity/provisional authority to install, operate and maintain telecommunications, broadcast and cable antenna television services to Destiny Cable Inc. and allowed to provide cable television services to Metro Manila and nearby municipalities, cities and provinces. Destiny Cable Inc. embarked on marketing promotion through Solid Group Inc. by offering bundled services.


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On November 17, 2004, however, Global Cable, Inc. (GCI) and Destiny Cable, Inc. (DCI) announced that both companies had entered an agreement on merging the television operations of the two companies, of which operates the cable providers; Global Cable and Destiny Cable.

In November 2000 Destiny Cable formed a partnership with Global Cable to further strengthen and systematize its cable television ventures. However, it was only on February 1, 2004 that the corporate name was changed to Global Destiny Cable, with the new logo featured a green "C" at the first half of an oblong, an inverted "C" on its second half and red circle at the upper left, a reference to ABS-CBN (SkyCable Corporation's parent company, where SkyCable serves as owner of Destiny Cable) RGB logo colors.

Global Destiny Cable is perceived to be the closest competitor of SkyCable, the Philippines' largest cable TV company in Metro Manila. Both have their own associates all over the country and both offer high-speed cable Internet service.


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On May 2, 2012, SkyCable Corporation eventually acquired the assets of Global Destiny Cable through its parent, Destiny Cable, Inc. at the cost of P3.5 billion in order to improve services to customers of Destiny Cable, UniCable and MyDestiny broadband Internet.

Global Destiny Cable has been reverted back to Destiny Cable after separation with Global Cable. The logo used upon reverting back to Destiny Cable features the green and blue "C", and red circle at the top of the green "C" (which also references ABS-CBN RGB logo colors), and the words "DESTINY CABLE" at the right (with "DESTINY" in black and "CABLE" in red).