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In 1997, a small modification to the logo was implemented where the tail attached to the top of the "k" in "Coke" was removed, and in some instances a glass added to the left of "Diet."

2002–2007 (International), 2002–2011 (Asia), 2002–2015 (UK)

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2002–2007 (USA)

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2015–2021 (UK)

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The new branding was introduced in 2015, under the "one brand" strategy. This logo looks much like the 1990's logo.[1]

2017–present (Australia)

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The new branding was introduced in 2016 in Australia only, under the “one brand” strategy. [2]


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On December 25, 2017, Diet Coke introduced a complete overhaul of their brand packaging, with the inclusion of four new flavors for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The new branding also included a slightly modified version of the previous logo. Some noticeable changes include the "Diet" script being much smaller, "Diet" and "Coke" using a singular color instead of two tones, the "k" and "e" in "Coke" no longer connecting, and serifs removed from the "k". The final product looks similar to the 1994 logo.