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Although the Little Red Phone mascot was introduced in 1989, it wasn't featured in the logo until 1996.



In 2000, the 1996 logo received a modest update. Although a new logo was introduced in mid-2005, some adverts and its website still included this logo up until early-2006; some adverts with this logo were edited to include the new one.




The mouse was added, the text was changed to lowercase, the text colour became black and a red line has been added. A new slogan "A Good Deal Better" was also introduced in 2006 and was used until early 2011.


Direct Line 2005
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In late-august 2014, the wordmark's typeface changed from Avenir to Museo Sans with the launch of a new TV ad campaign and a slogan, "Can your insurance do that?". However, the iconic symbol remained unchanged.


Direct line 2020

On March 6, 2020, Direct Line introduced a new logo after 15 years, ditching the mouse, changing the wordmark to an altered version of PX Grotesk and making the red line bolder. Along with it came a new TV ad campaign and a slogan, 'We're On It'.

The brand's typography was changed from Museo Sans to Graphik along with an altered version of Graphik Super Italic for the titles.

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