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Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Uni Sans Heavy (modified)
Launched:  May 13, 2015

Discord was launched on May 13, 2015 as a free social text and voice chat originally designed for gamers. The logo features the company's mascot Clyde.

In March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Discord changed its motto from "Chat for Gamers" to "Chat for Communities and Friends" and shifted their focus away from games specificity to a more all-purpose communication and chat client.

Up until June 6, 2022, this logo was still seen on the Server Widget, including the one for websites like Fandom and Discord Developer, and is still seen on un-updated desktop clients (specifically the wordmark on the title bar).


Discord logo 2021.svg
Designer:  Koto
In-house team
Typography:  Ginto Nord Bold
Launched:  May 13, 2021

On May 13, 2021, Discord officially announced their new logo on their 6th birthday livestream. Before the official announcement, Discord Inc. trademarked this logo and font in 2020 and had rolled them out on beta versions of the app the following year. For a time, it and associated branding elements were also used on the Google Play Store, although it has since been reverted to the former branding.

Clyde was slightly redesigned in order to make it horizontally symmetrical (since the former logo is not), as well to release it from the bubble he was previously inserted in to make it easier to apply on new medias. The "blurple" color was also changed to #5865F2 from the original #7289DA for a more "playful" look; furthermore, to reflect the switch from gaming to a general purpose social network, Discord introduced "Imagine a Place" as their new strapline.

This logo attracted a lot of negative reception, with people particularly ridiculing the wordmark and the new color, while the updated Clyde icon was met with a more positive reception. During the week of May 24, 2021, a glitch on Discord's home page on certain web browsers showed the former logo, leading people to believe that Discord reverted back to the former logo.

As of June 9, 2021, this logo has now replaced the previous one on the title bar on the desktop client. Additionally, as of late July 2021, the updated Clyde has fully replaced the previous one as the splash screen of the mobile app.


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