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1995–2000 2000–2009 2010–2016 2016–2019 2019–present

Launched in 1995, Discovery Channel is the oldest knowledge and informational channel in India. Its sister channel Animal Planet was launched in 1999. The two channels, along with Discovery Science, compete with Star’s National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild; TV18’s History TV18; and SPN and BBC Worldwide’s Sony BBC Earth.


Discovery Channel 1995

Discovery Channel India was launched on 15 August 1995.


Discovery Channel 2000



Discovery Channel 2009


Discovery Channel (2009) II

The word Channel was removed from the logo in August 2016.

Discovery HD World: 2010–2019[]

Discovery HD World

Discovery HD World was the first full-time high-definition channel in India. It was launched on 4 March 2010. There was also an Asian (i.e., Southeast Asian) channel called Discovery HD World that was renamed to Discovery Asia in 2017. When Animal Planet and TLC launched HD feeds in 2014, those also carried the HD World branding.


Discovery Channel 2019

Discovery Channel in India introduced the 2019 international logo on 8 August 2019 along with the new international graphics package. This rebrand came less than a month after that of sister channel Animal Planet in July. Furthermore, Discovery HD World was renamed to Discovery HD. Since Animal Planet’s HD version had already dropped the HD World branding, this left only TLC HD World with that branding, until it too changed on 7 October 2019.

HD logo.

This was done in advance of the premiering of a special Man vs. Wild episode featuring Bear Grylls and the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on 12 August, as well as launching regional audio feeds in three new languages: Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada (this is in addition to the existing audio feeds in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali).