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Discovery Channel International


Discovery Channel 1995


Discovery Channel 2000

The logo was changed slightly in 2001 when the word "Channel" was moved into the underline, and the globe was altered to focus on the Pacific Ocean instead of any continents.

Discovery Channel Romania


Discovery Channel 2000

The dedicated channel for Romania was launched in 2006.


Discovery Channel 2008

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On March 31, 2008, before the season premiere of Deadliest Catch, Discovery Channel debuted a new logo, and a new tagline ("The World is Just Awesome"), which took effect on-air on April 15. The new logo was designed by Boston-based design firm Viewpoint Creative, and replaced the longtime Aurora Bold Condensed font in the logo with the modified version of the Gotham font. The globe has been merged with the "D" in "Discovery", creating a monogram that was usable as a standalone icon. The combination of the "D" in the wordmark and the globe is sometimes used separately, primarily as the channel's logo bug during its programming.


Discovery Channel 2009

Discovery was rebranded again in February 2009 by Royale. They also altered the logo slightly by modifying the globe again, making the word "CHANNEL" bigger, disconnecting the C and O, and completely detaching the globe from the D. The modified logo was rolled out to Discovery's international channels during the first half of 2009.


Discovery Channel logo

In mid-2013, Discovery began de-emphasizing the 2009 logo in favor of using the D and globe symbol by itself on-air, with "Discovery" written underneath in print and social media. The network adopted the new tagline "Grab Life By The Globe". 6 different globes were used to reflect the channel's programming: Earth, Ice, Gold, Fire, Water and Metal. This design approach was extended to promotional material such as trailer endboards.

It was closed in 12 January 2018.

Discovery Channel Central & Eastern Europe


Discovery Channel logo


Discovery Channel 2019

On 16 September, 2019, Discovery Channel debuted a new logo (created by Roger, an LA-based design agency), along with a new tagline, "The World is Ours". The globe became static, flat and moved to the middle of the "D"; the font was switched to a modified version of Sharp Sans Extra Bold.

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