2000–2001 2001–2007 2007–2009; 2008–2014 (Asia) 2009–present
2000–2001 2001–2007 2007–2009; 2008–2014 (Asia) 2009–present

Discovery Wings Channel[]


Discovery Wings Channel (2000)

Discovery Wings was launched in February 2000 along with Discovery Kids, replacing Carlton World and Carlton Kids respectively.

Discovery Wings[]


Discovery Wings logo

This logo was used from April 2001 until its closure in 2007.

Discovery Turbo[]

2007–2009; 2008–2014 (Asia)[]

Discovery Turbo

In March 2007, Discovery Wings was axed in favor of Discovery Turbo. The new channel shows programs related to speed and all things motored, but aviation documentaries are still aired. It also replaced the UK version of Discovery Kids and replaced by DMAX in Asia.


Discovery Turbo 2009

A new look for Discovery Turbo in the UK was introduced in September 2009. The new identity was created in-house at Discovery.