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Dish Network 1996

Dish Network was originally introduced by EchoStar (then a different company) on March 4, 1996. While the logo's basis has been the same until 2019, its logo has had three modifications, two of the later ones which became the more prominent basis for its recent logo.


Original Dish Network logo

In April 2000[1], the orbits surrounding the wordmark were removed, the stems were simplified to 4, the whole logo became bold, and the slogan "Nothing Else Compares." was dropped from it. This would since then become the foundation for the next two logos below.


Dish Network

On August 16, 2005, the Dish logo was slightly updated by having the bottom portion, the centimeter-long tail through the dot of the "i", and the "TM" symbol completely dropped from the logo. This update was originally meant to reflect a new "Better TV for All" initiative[2] Dish has been doing for the next 6 years from this logo's introduction. Since then, the logo sometimes appeared without the "Network" part of the logo, before the short name became the new standard name of the service.


Dish Network logo 2012

To coincide with the rise of its new family of receivers (dubbed the Hopper and Joey, respectively), Dish refreshed its identity on February 1, 2012. The orbit on the top and the word "Network" were both removed completely, and its logo was colored completely red to retain its color scheme.


Dish Logo

On January 15, 2019, Dish traded the 1996 wordmark with a new, sans-serif based wordmark. The dot on the "i" is also smaller and the stem is made of three pieces instead of four.



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