The Disney–MGM Studios Tour


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The park was announced as The Disney-MGM Studios Tour in 1986.

Disney-MGM Studios



In 1985, Disney and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer entered into a licensing contract that gave Disney worldwide rights to use the MGM brand and logo for what would become Disney-MGM Studios, which included working production facilities for movies and television shows and a satellite animation studio, which began operation prior to the park's debut. On May 1, 1989, the park opened at Walt Disney World adjacent to the production facilities, (which opened a year prior) with MGM's only affiliation being the original licensing agreement that allowed Disney to use MGM's name and lion logo in marketing, and separate contracts that allowed specific MGM content to be used in The Great Movie Ride. However, all MGM references were removed from souvenir videos, planning videos, and licensed video games (among other instances) due to contractual limitations; in these instances, it was referred to as the Disney Studios or Disney Studios Florida.


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This logo was only seen on promotional material and on separate occasions such as marketing. (outside of WDW)

Disney's Hollywood Studios


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In 2008, after Disney's license to use the MGM name, brand and logo expired altogether, Disney-MGM Studios was renamed Disney's Hollywood Studios, therefore incorporating a new logo.


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On May 1, 2019, WDW unveiled a new logo for Disney's Hollywood Studios as part of a new direction for the park itself.