Disney Channel Asia is a franchise of the Disney Channel that airs in most parts of Southeast Asia. Some countries, with either a lack of capacity or due to government restrictions, do not carry the network.


Disney Channel logo 1987

In 1996, Disney Channel Asia was launched using the same look in the UK and the same logo in the US, but airing the same programs from USA. They dropped on 1 June 1999.




In 1997, Disney Channel Asia launched, using the same look and logo from the UK, but airing the same programs from America.


Disney Channel 1997 logo

Disney Channel Asia received a new logo with simple circles forming a Mickey Mouse's head. The splat logo from 1997 is still in use, but new idents where created in CGI and 2D animation. Also in December 2000, Disney Channel launched a sister channel called Playhouse Disney, initally as a block before lt launched into its own channel in 2004. The idents were dropped in 2003.



Disney Channel 2002

On July 28, 2003, Disney Channel Asia started using the same logo as Disney Channel US that was used in 2002. Its idents and graphics were created by Razorfish & CA Square respectively.

In late-April 2007, the graphics and idents were revamped and Disney Channel Asia started using the ribbon look.


These were many of the idents seen on the channel - running until the 2011/2012 update.

In 2011, this logo began to be phased out within the channel's promos. It was fully replaced the next year.


Disney Channel (2010)

In 2011, Disney Channel Asia started using the Disney Channel US' smartphone app logo in its promos. It was fully used the next year.



Disney Channel 2014

Logo since August 1, 2014. This logo uses the US TV network.

Disney Channel retired its 11-year Mickey Mouse silhouette logo series at July 31, 2014, then this logo was replaced on August 1, 2014.


Disney Channel 2017

The 2D version is better than the 3D one.

In June 2017, Disney Channel introduced a new on-air look, used concurrently with its 2014 branding


Disney channel 2019

On August 30, 2019, Disney Channel was based on Disney Channel USA's "Item Age" logo. Expect to be fully rebrand between December 2019 to early 2020.

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