Disney Channel 1997 logo


On 15 March 2003, Disney Channel Germany began the same logo as Disney Channel US that was used from 2002. The idents and graphics were created by CA Square. In 2007, the 'hip' look was replaced by new idents and bumpers which feature a ribbon that twirls around the screen before transforming to the 2002 logo.


Disney Channel (2010)

In 2011, Disney Channel Germany began using Disney Channel US' smartphone app logo.

On 30th November 2013, the channel was closed in preperation for its launch as a FTA channel in two months time.


Disney Channel Germany new logo 2014

On January 17, 2014, Disney Channel Germany transformed from a Pay-TV channel into a Free-TV channel, replacing Das Vierte. As a result, Disney Channel Germany introduced a new logo, which features the word "CHANNEL" in a script font. Also, the tube shape was removed and the stylized Mickey Mouse head shape was retired after 11 years (except when the shape dots the I in "Disney" on occasions).


DC 2014 hero

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