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1989 (postponed)

In 1989, Disney Channel was originally planned to launch in 1989 on the newly launched Sky satellite television service. It would have used the American version's then-current second logo (see below). However, due to an apparent dispute, the original launch was postponed. Sky Television filed a lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company for not launching the channel on the original date, then the launch was moved to October 1995.



In 1 October 1995, Disney Channel UK was officially launched. Its first logo was the same as Disney Channel USA. Its idents were created by Lambie-Nairn.

According to Lambie-Nairn:

Disney is one of the world’s biggest and most powerful brands. When Disney decided to extend their Disney Channel franchise to the UK, they recognized the need to take account of cultural differences outside the United States. The task was to customize this well-known brand for television viewers in the UK and elsewhere. Our solution revolved around maximizing the universally recognized icon of Mickey Mouse, using a variety of visually distinctive devices to create Mickey’s silhouette.

The idents were used in tandem with the next logo until August 1997.

Digital Fernsehen - Disney Channel


Disney Channel logo Red and Blue paint

In March 1997, Disney Channel France was launched and it received their first facelift, using a splat logo that was adopted in the UK in July 1997. Some idents are in stop-motion, some in live action, and some traditionally animated. Many 1997 Disney Channel fans recognize this logo because of its unique design that allows it to become any object. The idents mainly use red and blue colors on irregularly shaped objects that form the logo. They were dropped in 30 April 1999 in the UK and in France on 30 June 1999. This also the first time the signature four-note jingle was introduced.


Disney Channel 1997 logo
Main article: Disney Channel (International)/Circles Idents

On May 1, 1999, Disney Channel in the UK received a brand overhaul as the channel adopted a new circle logo, with three symmetrical circles forming the iconic Mickey Mouse head shape. Along with the logo change, a new ident set, created by French design company GÉDÉON, was introduced on the same day. The branding was carried over to other Disney Channel international networks starting on June 1999.

According to GÉDÉON, the new logo is also described as an "experimental field for animation". More than 30 illustrators, animators, graphic designers, directors, and motion graphic studios, such as Gamma Studios, Estructura7, Velvet mediendesign, and Pedall, collaborated with the project.

Starting on November 2000, all idents now include the website of Disney Channel International depending on the region, such as in the UK, in France, in Italy, in Asia, in Germany, and in Australia. In some occasions, the slogan of a Disney Channel international network may also appear under the text, such as Libera la tua Immaginazione in Italy, and L'Imaginachaine in France. A station ident that aired in the early-2000s during this era featured the 1999 logo, but it uses the 4-note jingle borrowed from the idents featuring the 2003 logo, which is a coincidence. The 4-note jingle would not become Disney Channel's official jingle until 2002 in the U.S. and until 2003 in the rest of the world.


In November 2003, Disney Channel Japan and Scandinavia was launched, and on 15 March 2003, Disney Channel International adopted the same logo as Disney Channel US that was used from 2002. The idents and graphics were created by Razorfish and CA Square. The idents are also used for Disney Channel US. This logo is still used in some countries in tandem with the current logo. Disney Channel now uses the 4-note jingle at the end of the idents, while Playhouse Disney channels/blocks outside the US used the 1997 jingle and Toon Disney used a boink sound.

In 2007, the 'hip' look was replaced by new idents and bumpers which feature a ribbon that twirls around the screen before transforming to the 2002 logo.


Disney channel Logo 2010

In 2011, Disney Channel International uses Disney Channel US' smartphone app logo.


Disney Channel 2014

In July 1, 2014, Disney Channel rolled out its current logo in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, which originated from the German channel in January and has already since adopted by the US network in May. Further European countries have adopted the logo since then.

On August 1, 2014, the Asian channel adopted the new logo and on-air graphics.

The logo is also available in multiple forms (HD feed, +1 channel, catch up service, VOD, Premium VOD...).


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