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1980s 1998-1999 1999–2003 2003–2011 2011–2014 2014–2017 2017–present

El Canal Disney


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Disney Channel



Disney Channel Spain was launched in 1998, when The Walt Disney Company and Sogecable came to an agreement to distribute a Spanish version of the American Disney Channel on the satellite platform Canal Satélite Digital. The channel began broadcasting on April 17, 1998. The channel carried local-made shows and Disney's animation library. A Spanish version of the British show Art Attack, hosted by Jordi Cruz, was also produced and broadcast, among others.


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In September 1999, Disney Channel Spain adopted Disney Channel UK's "Circles" logo and ident set created by GÉDÉON.



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3 years later, Disney started to offer three more channels: a timeshift channel, called Disney Channel +1, Toon Disney and Playhouse Disney. Toon Disney's schedule was meant to air exclusively Disney animation, while Playhouse was a channel for a preschool audience. In 2008, Toon Disney became Disney Cinemagic, like the British and French versions did two years before.


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Disney Channel launched its new app logo on June 20, 2011. The website was also revamped. In 2012 a service called Disney Replay was introduced. It airs full episodes of series. The Phineas and Ferb episode "Knot My Problem" first premiered on this service on June 10, 2013. In November 2013 the site was changed again as per the other European Disney Channels.



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