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2007–2011 2011–2014 2014–2017 2017–present

Disney Channel is a Turkish free-to-air television network that broadcasts children and youth-oriented shows in Turkish. It launched on 29 April 2007 by Digiturk, a subscription-based Turkish satellite service. All the programming is dubbed in Turkish. The network is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


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Disney Channel Turkey began broadcasting in 2007 with the addition of a Turkish audio track to the Disney Channel EMEA feed. It was originally based in London, UK, but after the launch of an independent feed in 2012, its headquarters were moved to Istanbul, Turkey.


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On 2011, Disney announced that a fully local Turkish feed of Disney Channel would be launched as a free-to-air channel. It was the third Disney Channel to go FTA, after Disney Channel Spain (2008) and Disney Channel Russia (2011).



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On 16 June 2014, Disney Channel getting a new look and logo as part of Disney's worldwide rebrand.


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