1983-1987 (Channel 4 and S4C block)

The Disney Channel 1983

In 1983 starting in Channel 4 in United Kingdom broadcasted in London until 1986 Otherwise S4C until 1987 finanly the ending block for the weekends become outside in United States. When Channel 4 lost the rights to Disney block.


Disney Channel logo 1987

In April 1995, before The Disney Channel finally launched in the UK on the Sky platform on 1 October 1995 as the first Disney Channel in Europe and outside the United States.



In 1997, Disney Channel adopted a new Mickey Mouse head shape logo. The idents mainly used red and blue colors on irregularly shaped objects that formed the logo.


Disney Channel 1997 logo

On 1 May 1999, another new logo was launched, with three symmetrical circles forming the iconic Mickey Mouse head shape.



On 15 March 2003, a new logo and graphics were introduced. It began broadcasting in 16:9 widescreen on 14 May 2010. A new set of program mini-idents that would play before the program would start were launched on 11 September 2010.


Disney Channel (2010)

On 1 September 2010, a new logo was adopted. On 15 September 2010, an HD version launched on Sky. On 1 June 2012, Disney Channel introduced a refreshed logo and new bumpers and promo layouts. In July 2013, a new website was launched with On Demand services and commercial advertisements started to air.



Disney Channel 2014

On 18 July 2014, the channel has adapted the current logo.


DC 2K14 2D

On April 2017, the channel has new bumpers and logo.

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