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These are the very first idents of Disney Channel in the United Kingdom from October 1995 until February 1997.

Ident Summary

When Disney Channel began its international operations, starting with the UK, Martin Lambie-Nairn created seven idents for the newly launched channel, which is unique from the idents used in the US. They were based on a simple shape of the head of Mickey Mouse, and were created in CGI animation.

According to Lambie-Nairn:

Disney is one of the world’s biggest and most powerful brands. When Disney decided to extend their Disney Channel franchise to the UK, they recognized the need to take account of cultural differences outside the United States. The task was to customize this well-known brand for television viewers in the UK and elsewhere. Our solution revolved around maximizing the universally recognized icon of Mickey Mouse, using a variety of visually distinctive devices to create Mickey’s silhouette.

Ident Gallery

Disney Channel (international)/First Idents
Disney Channel (International)/Red and Blue Idents
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