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This is the page for all idents of Disney Channel International from 28 February 1997 until 30 April 1999.

Short Summary

After Disney Channel France was launched on 22 March 1997, Disney Channel UK released a new splat logo and new idents.

About the Idents

The 1997 idents usually feature red and blue objects, forming the logo irregularly. The logo was accompanied by the Disney Channel text, in which the Disney text is in Walt Disney's signature font and has a red color, and the Channeltext is in a blue color. The music of most idents end with a three-note jingle (E-G-C, which is also referred to the jingle of an ice-cream franchise). The idents were dropped on 30 April 1999, when the Circles idents were introduced one day later.

Ident Gallery

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