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This is the description page for the idents of Disney Channel International from July 2017 onward (in select countries).


On March 24, 2017, Disney Channel US has unveiled a new on-air look created by MakinÉ Studios. The design package features a 2D version of the 2014 logo as well as floating icons making up the design landscape. The redesign was carried out to United States, Latin America, Canada and Southeast Asia within the next few months.

Generic Idents

Halloween Idents

Christmas Idents

Pre-Social Media Era idents

This was only used in Southeast Asia in December 2017 before the launch of Social Media era in 2018.

Other Idents

Movie Idents

Rating Disclaimers (Only appear in Southeast Asia, movie version)

Next Bumpers



Hong Kong

Latin America

Break Bumpers




Hong Kong


Latin America


Website banner

Disney Channel (International)/Wordmark (Glass Age) Logo Idents
Disney Channel (international)/Wordmark (Social Media Age) Logo Idents
Disney Channel (International)/Wordmark (Item Age) Logo Idents

Disney Channel (international)/Wordmark (Mode Age) Logo Idents

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