Walt Disney: The Classics

1984–1994, 1996 and 2003 (print logo)


This logo was used on the packaging of Walt Disney Classics videos.

This appeared on French-Canadian releases.

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This appeared on French releases.

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Used on Mexican/Latin American releases.

Walt Disney Home Video.gif

Only used on the tape label of The Fox and the Hound, circa 1994.

1984–1988, 1993


The original "Black Diamond" logo which features the Walt Disney Home Video logo below the words "The Classics" in a black diamond with a white border and a dark blue shadow behind it. Many collectors give this logo a nickname known as the "Cheesy Classics" logo, mainly for the cheesy animation. This is an early prototype logo as the more common Diamond logo would be introduced shortly afterwards.

Walt Disney Classics (first era)

1988–1994, 1996 (USA), 2003 (UK/Ireland)

Walt Disney Classics 1988 Laserdisc.png

Disney Classics (first era)

1988–1989 (UK/Ireland)

Disney Classics UK VHS Logo 1980s.jpg

Walt Disney Classics (second era)

1991–1996 (UK/Ireland)

Walt Disney Classics 1991-1996 Logo.svg

This one is totally different from the American one. It features the "Walt Disney" logo above the word "Classics".

1997–2001 (UK/Ireland)

2000–2002 (UK/Ireland)


Same as above. The wordmark is recycled from the 1991 Walt Disney Home Video logo.

2001–2008 (UK/Ireland)

2002–2004 (UK/Ireland)

Walt Disney Classics 2001 Logo (Promo Variant).png

Disney Classics (second era)

2014–present (UK/Ireland)

Walt Disney Classics UK DVD BluRay 2014 logo.jpg
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The Disney Classics name would continue to use in the UK, Ireland and Europe as of today.

Disney Classics
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