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Disneyland Paris is an entertainment resort in Chessy, France, a new town located in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

Euro Disneyland


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This logo was used on most early marketing materials and on Walt Disney Imagineering documents.

Euro Disney Resort


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When it first opened in 1992, it was known as the Euro Disney Resort.

Euro Disneyland Paris


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Disneyland Paris (first era)


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On 1 October 1994, Euro Disney Resort changed its name to Disneyland Paris.

“As Americans, the word “Euro” is believed to mean glamorous or exciting. For Europeans it turned out to be a term they associated with business, currency, and commerce. Renaming the park “Disneyland Paris” was a way of identifying it with one of the most romantic and exciting cities in the world.”
Michael Eisner

1994–2002, 2009–present

Disneyland Paris (Print).svg

Disneyland Resort Paris


With the opening of Walt Disney Studios Park in March 2002, Disneyland Paris changed its name to Disneyland Resort Paris.

Disneyland Paris (second era)


Disneyland Paris.svg

On 4 April 2009, the resort reverted back to the name of Disneyland Paris.


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