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1995–2018 2003–2018 2007–2021 2012–2021


Dolby Digital

While the original 1995 logo was replaced, it's still can be seen on Funimation home releases until Sony Pictures Entertainment and Aniplex discontinued the brand and merged it with Crunchyroll.


Dolby Digital 2003


Dolby Digital 2007


Dolby Digital 2012


It was replaced by trademark symbols Dolby, Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos for promotion in theatres and movies. However, it was still used for home release covers to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment includes 20th Century Studios label until August 3, 2021; where the home releases opt for the new Dolby logo design.

After Disney dropped the Dolby Digital logo on its home releases, Dolby Digital, with other Dolby sound solution now under Dolby Audio, no longer having their own logos and share the same Dolby Audio logo together.

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