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From its founding between 1936 and 1957, Dole did not use a proper logo on their labels. Instead, the cans sported the word "Dole" written with red all-capital letters in a sans-serif typeface.


Dole 50s logo

This logo was introduced in the late 1950s. It was designed by Gianninoto Associates.


Dole logo

Landor Associates created a new logo for Dole in 1986. The aim of the rebrand was to broaden Dole from being just a pineapple brand to a whole range of natural products, including fruits, vegetables, and juices.


Dole-newlogo-2018 web

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Dole introduced a new logo on October 15, 2018. Although the 1986 logo remained in use, a leaf and its slogan were added to the logo. In a news release, the logo was released behind:

  • Dole’s values, focusing on freshness, transparency and responsibility;
  • A new logo treatment “inspired by nature and its earth-given benefits;” and
  • The vibrant character attributes surrounding the Dole brand.

Dole unveils new logo, identity brand for all products

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