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About us

Radio drama has been present in the Serbian broadcasting system since March 24, 1929, when it was preceded by microphone A. D. Radio Belgrade, performed at 12 o'clock and 15 minutes specially written for the radio performance of the dramatization of the folk song Deacon Stefan and two angels. From that day on, radio plays have a place in the program.

    In 1949, the first recorded radio drama was an adaptation of Marin Drzic's Dundo Maroje theater, directed by Mira Trailović, and on May 1, 1954, the first domestic drama specifically written for radio performance - Bogdan Jovanović's Lesson - was made in the history of radiophony in Serbia.

    Over the last fifty years, over 4000 radio dramas for adults and about 1000 radio dramas for children have been recorded and archived in Radio Belgrade, making sound and sound creation an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Serbian people, a treasure trove that has been enriched by generations of famous writers over the past decades. actors and directors.

    Radio Belgrade's Drama Program has won a number of highest international awards for works of drama production: seven awards at the Prix Italia Festival, several awards at the Premios ondas and Prix Monte Carlo festivals, Prix Japan, Urtna price, Prix Muflon and others.

    The Radio Belgrade Drama Program was established in January 1976 as an organizational and production unit by combining the drama editorial boards of the First and Third Programs, with the addition of radio dramas for children and radio comedy.

    Today's drama program exists as a Business Unit within Radio Belgrade and RTS and produces dramatic, documentary-drama and radio broadcasts that are broadcast on a regular basis on the airwaves of Radio Belgrade 1 (3 series), 2 (6 series) and Radio Belgrade Third Program ( 2 series), with a total annual production of over 100 premieres with around 400 reruns.

    The personnel structure of the Drama Program is one of the highest in RTS - 98% of employees have a university degree, and from the very beginning, highly reputable artists - writers, directors and composers, who in collaboration with highly professional associates from the Technical Sector, have been employed in the editorial office. drama program, which today is one of the highest quality and most recognized in Europe and the world.

    Radio Belgrade's drama program today is one of the mainstays of national radio, whose products, as enduring cultural values, are an integral part of the cultural milieu of the environment in which they were made, both as an artistic achievement and as an integral part of radio history and cultural history as a whole.

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