This page is for the tabletop game. For the cartoon, see Dungeons & Dragons (cartoon). For the video game franchise, see Category:Dungeons & Dragons.


Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition logo.png

This logo was used for the third edition rulebooks, as is both on the top of the front cover and on the label side of the book.


Dungeons & Dragons (Old).svg

This logo was used for the fourth edition rulebooks.


Dungeons & Dragons 5e horiontal logo transparent.png
Designer:  Glitschka Studios (initial design)
Hasbro (chrome ampersand)
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

This logo format was used for the fifth edition rulebooks.

On the official rulebooks, a white version of the topmost logo is used on a red background in the bottom left corner of the front cover. A logo with the "D&D" abbreviation is used on the top of the front cover instead of the full text.